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“Libyan Floods and Faultlines: A Conversation with Ethan Chorin,” James Dorsey’s The Turbulent World of Middle East Soccer — September 12, 2023
“It’s Been 10 Years Since The Benghazi Attacks,” The Takeaway, WNYC Radio, NPR — September 13, 2022
“Benghazi w/ Ethan Chorin (#267),” The Road to Now — April 3, 2023
“How Benghazi Continues to Warp America,” The Gist — March 16, 2023
“Benghazi attack with Ethan Chorin,” The Hipstorians Podcast— June 30, 2023
“The Impact of the Attack in Benghazi and the War in Libya on American Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy,” Middle East Transregional Institute, Princeton University (TRI) — September 27, 2022
Discussion from the National Council on US Libya Relations — December 9, 2022
Ethan Chorin talks Benghazi! with Whitney Hischier at Book Passage — December 8, 2022
“Ethan Chorin Interview,” The Curious Mans Podcast — December 6, 2022
Ethan Chorin on Humphrey Hawksley’s Inside Story (UK) — December 1, 2022
“Author Ethan Chorin, Benghazi!,” Point of the Spear Podcast — November 16, 2022
“Benghazi with Ethan Chorin,” Dirty Moderate with Adam Epstein — October 24, 2022
“At 10th anniversary of Benghazi attack, former diplomat offers context in new book,” WUNC Radio, NPR— September 6, 2022

Partial List of Articles

“The Unthinkable Has Happened in Libya,” New York Times Guest Opinion — September 13, 2023
“Too many Libyan powerbrokers prefer the broken status quo to elections,” The National News Opinion — September 1, 2023
“Benghazi’s effect on US foreign policy and domestic politics remains overlooked,” The National News Opinion — April 4, 2023
“The Storm Before the Storm,” review of Prof. Helen Lackner’s Yemen: Poverty and Conflict, Arab Digest — December 2022
“From COP27, The Call Of A Green Blue Deal.” Forbes — November 17, 2022
Benghazi! The day that launched America’s dizzying downward spiral — and I was there.” Salon — November 6, 2022
“The best books that explain how partisan politics is destroying American foreign policy” Shepherd — July 2023
“America Skipped Benghazi’s 10th Anniversary. This Is Why It Matters.” Forbes — October 3, 2022
“10 years on from Benghazi, critical lessons still unlearned for America and its foreign policy,” The Berkshire Eagle — September 10, 2022
“What the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict-Does and Doesn’t Mean for the Abraham Accords,” Forbes — May 16, 2021
“Libya’s Perpetual Chaos,” Foreign Affairs — April 19, 2019
“NATO’s Libya Intervention and the continued case for a Responsibility to Rebuild,” Boston University International Law Journal — Summer 2013
“The Future of the U.S.-Libya Commercial Relationship,” in Vandewalle, Dirk, Libya since 1969: Qadhafi’s Revolution Revisited, Palgrave-MacMillan — 2008
“What Libya Lost,” New York Times — September 13, 2012
“The Deeper Blame for Benghazi,” New York Times — May 14, 2013
“The New Danger in Benghazi,” New York Times — May 28, 2014
“The New Pirates of Libya,” Foreign Policy — March 2, 2015
“The U.S. Commercial Guide to Libya,” U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce — 2006
“The Graffiti of Benghazi,” Words Without Borders — July 2011
“New Government May Cause Splits,” Prospect Magazine — August 14, 2015
“Setting the Record Straight on Benghazi,” Foreign Affairs — February 10, 2010
“A Curious Twist of Fate for Libya and its Rogue General,” Forbes — December 22, 2015
“Homeless rats: A parable for postrevolution Libya,” Words Without Borders — January 2012
“Articulating a Dubai Model of Development: The Case of Djibouti,” Dubai School of Government — 2010 (monograph)

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