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Ethan Chorin talks Benghazi! with Whitney Hischier at Book Passage — December 8, 2022
“It’s Been 10 Years Since The Benghazi Attacks,” The Takeaway, WNYC Radio, NPR — September 13, 2022
“How Benghazi Continues to Warp America,” The Gist — March 16, 2023
“The Impact of the Attack in Benghazi and the War in Libya on American Domestic Politics and Foreign Policy,” Middle East Transregional Institute, Princeton University (TRI) — September 27, 2022
Discussion from the National Council on US Libya Relations — December 9, 2022
“Ethan Chorin Interview,” The Curious Mans Podcast — December 6, 2022
Ethan Chorin on Humphrey Hawksley’s Inside Story (UK) — December 1, 2022
“Author Ethan Chorin, Benghazi!,” Point of the Spear Podcast — November 16, 2022
“Benghazi with Ethan Chorin,” Dirty Moderate with Adam Epstein — October 24, 2022

Partial List of Articles

“The Storm Before the Storm,” review of Prof. Helen Lackner’s Yemen: Poverty and Conflict, Arab Digest — December 2022
“From COP27, The Call Of A Green Blue Deal.” Forbes — November 17, 2022
Benghazi! The day that launched America’s dizzying downward spiral — and I was there.” Salon — November 6, 2022
“America Skipped Benghazi’s 10th Anniversary. This Is Why It Matters.” Forbes — October 3, 2022
“10 years on from Benghazi, critical lessons still unlearned for America and its foreign policy,” The Berkshire Eagle — September 10, 2022
“NATO’s Libya Intervention and the continued case for a Responsibility to Rebuild,” Boston University International Law Journal — Summer 2013
“The Future of the U.S.-Libya Commercial Relationship,” in Vandewalle, Dirk, Libya since 1969: Qadhafi’s Revolution Revisited, Palgrave-MacMillan — 2008
“What Libya Lost,” New York Times — September 13, 2012
“The Deeper Blame for Benghazi,” New York Times — May 14, 2013
“The New Danger in Benghazi,” New York Times — May 28, 2014
“The New Pirates of Libya,” Foreign Policy — March 2, 2015
“The U.S. Commercial Guide to Libya,” U.S. Department of State, U.S. Department of Commerce — 2006
“The Graffiti of Benghazi,” Words Without Borders — July 2011
“New Government May Cause Splits,” Prospect Magazine — August 14, 2015
“Setting the Record Straight on Benghazi,” Foreign Affairs — February 10, 2010
“A Curious Twist of Fate for Libya and its Rogue General,” Forbes — December 22, 2015
“Homeless rats: A parable for postrevolution Libya,” Words Without Borders — January 2012
“Articulating a Dubai Model of Development: The Case of Djibouti,” Dubai School of Government — 2010 (monograph)

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